Recruitment is bigger than you might think

We’re big on change and making it happen

Recruitment is critical to the success of any scale-up. Getting the right people in the right places to grow your small business or VC / PE investment is essential to meeting your growth plans as quickly as possible.

From setting up recruitment functions and teams from scratch to creating you recruitment advertising and social media strategies and delivering specialist headhunting projects; The Small Consultancy has the experience to get the right people into your business at the right time. 

Whether you are a small business looking to scale up at speed, or a more established business looking to reduce your reliance on agencies; We offer a comprehensive range of specialist recruitment services to help support your business change goals.

Find more about out specialist recruitment services and speak to us about your upcoming hiring challenges today. 

Our Services

Hiring Strategy

Specialising in closing crucial hiring requirements within strict deadlines with focus on the hiring of the right candidate for the right position in right time. With the ability to operate effectively in a fast-paced environment, demonstrating leadership, proficient at catering to the organisational requirements, delivering results in the dynamic work environment.

Current and Future Talent

Job advertising and promotion with the right tone of voice is key to ensuring there is a healthy pipeline of current and future talent attraction. Our headhunting approach is personal and we tailor our communication to each individual candidate and role. Our response rate is 51% on LinkedIn (average is 25%).

Account Management

Our goal is to be the brand ambassador for your company; we are an extension of you. We work in partnership with the Leadership team and Hiring Managers to ensure we are hiring the right talent within the right timelines..

Employee Engagement & Branding

Whatever challenges that market conditions throw at you, it is really important for recruitment to become the voice of your brand and create the ultimate candidate journey and experience, from initial opening conversation & approach to hire.

Account Management

Engaging with candidates and being the extension to your brand voice across all areas of social media, we promote and shout above all the noise how your company should be the destination for their next career move. We have experience is creating all social media platforms and working in unison with your Marketing department to form strategies and recruitment campaigns for the quarter/year.

Market Mapping

We look at where your competitors are, we look at where your ideal candidate will be professionally and identify trends in the current market. We locate problem areas and work together to provide a solution plan. We don’t use a ‘one size fits all’ approach to recruitment. We carefully assess and analyse your current situation and operations of your business; look at your growth plans, strategic aims and timelines and create a targeted recruitment strategy that will enable you to meet your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.