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Hi, I’m Caroline, the smarts behind The Small Consultancy. Think of a dynamo.. on speed.. easily outrunning Wile W Coyote and ya’goddit.

Talk to me, work with me, live-it-up with me, you won’t regret it 🙂

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Creativity is INTELLIGENCE having fun

20 Years of Experience
The Small Consultancy brings together over 20 years of corporate experience worldwide to deliver client-focused solutions to in-house recruitment drives – meaning your company’s needs come first and foremost.
Challenge Driven
Challenge-driven and performance-oriented, we have experience working in recruitment, sales, marketing and brand management with a number of blue-chip organisations, offering immediate results in talent acquisition for companies of any size.
Trusted & Reliable
You can trust our first-class service to be dedicated to hiring the right candidate for the right position at the right time.
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